Alexa, when will I marraay?

I’m currently in a place trying to maintain a balance between embracing my desire to be a wife and a mother and believing that I’m enough in the absence of those things, because constantly feeling like you’re not enough isn’t conducive to living a gratifying life. I’m trying to acknowledge all my talents and abilities that are unattached to marriage or children, I’m trying to accept that there is so much I need to do, and work on, before I have the emotional capital to enter into such a momentous commitment.

Acne & Accutane: Month #1 & 2

Two months in and I haven't regretted my decision to start Accutane for a second. My symptoms have remained mild throughout and at this point I hardly have any at all, but my skin has definitely needed some TLC. 

Acne & Accutane: Week #1 & 2

Having acne seems like such a small issue in the grand scheme of life and, if you think about it objectively, it is, but unfortunately a lot of us are not so secure in ourselves that being constantly covered in spots doesn't have a negative effect on our self-image and confidence. In a perfect world no one would care what anyone looked like and there would be no ideal of beauty, but that will never ever be reality.

#AWeekOfMindfulness - The Power of Now

If I pause and think about what problems I have that are existing in this very moment, as I sit here, in this chair, typing these words, in a beautiful house, up in the mountains of a gorgeous caribbean island, nothing is wrong. Right now, all is well. I have things that I must work through, situations that I must deal with, but these situations do not define my life nor should they be on my mind when I am incapable of dealing with them this instant. 

#AWeekOfMindfulness - We are our biggest obstacles!

Right now, my ambitions are like the oversized blazer your mum gives you on the first day of secondary school. You feel embarrassed to wear it, you wish it was smaller and more closely fitted to the person you are now, but once if finally fits you realise it was always for you, you just needed to grow. 

#AWeekOfMindfulness - Dominica

I need to relax, be present and enjoy each day as it comes! The whole point of mindfulness is living in the now and this week I'm going to try my very hardest to clear my mind and do just that, but it's so much harder than it sounds!

Empowerment Amber? I'm not buying it.

Can we talk about the actual details of the picture for a moment, paying particular attention to her body hair; the ‘bush’ trimmed into a lovely circle while the rest of her skin is perfectly hairless and flawlessly glistening. Not to mention the photoshop, fantastic lighting, saucy setting, and skilled photographer – yes, this is definitely the behaviour of someone who is trying to relate to the average woman. 

Prayer: How does it work?

I don’t know how to reconcile the idea of fate and free will existing simultaneously, I don’t understand how he can be all loving and all-powerful and I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of worship, so do my prayers get answered or put in the ‘maybe’ pile? How do I confidently pray to something when I’m not 100% certain it’s out there? My heart feels his presence, but my brain can’t comprehend all that I've been taught about him.

Homosexuality: We Still Need To Talk About It

I really have serious difficulty understanding how homosexuality is immoral when it is not to the detriment of anything. The only people that have to deal with the perils of homosexuality are homosexuals themselves and that is at the hands of people with whom their sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with. If everyone woke up tomorrow and realised that homosexuality was perfectly acceptable how would the world be any worse off?

Be Yourself

You shouldn't be embaressed to share your thoughts and opinions or be ashamed that you cry easily or maybe find everything funny, because all these things are important. To be yourself is to be whole, to be even, for everything to add up perfectly creating the person that you are and you can't do that if you are denying parts of you the recognition they deserve.


I want us to enjoy books the way we do so many other forms of entertainment. There is just as much laughs and conversations to be had about literature as there is anything else - if not more!

I Never Knew I Was A Feminist

I believe in equality by default. I want to do the right thing (most of the time) by default and I despise injustice by default. Feminism was never a title I considered, because I never knew I needed to consider it. No one had ever asked 'do you believe in equal rights?' 'how do you feel about women being exploited?' 'should men be paid more because they have a penis?'. Why would anyone ever need need me to answer those questions?

Thank You Twenty Sixteen!

Oh 2016, what a bitch you have been! When I think about the nonsense that occurred over these past 365 days my head feels like it's about to explode, but we made it! We have lived to tell the tale.

Ta-Nehisi Coates - 'Between The World And Me' Reaction

I have actually had people ask me 'why do you love being black so much?' and the reason is simple, because it is beautiful. Not to assert that I believe black skin is literally more beautiful than any other, but that our history, our struggle, our strength, our perseverance and our progression is beautiful. It is unparalleled.

The Real You

Does no one take pride in their real genuine selves anymore? Do not get me wrong, we all want the best parts to be the only parts that others get to see, but how far will we go to conceal the things we don't like? Why do we so desperately want everyone to think we are perfect?

New hair, who's this?

It is an outward sign of my decision to be happy and content with myself, as I am. A declaration of my intention to focus my energy on the less superficial and more important things in this life. It is a form of expression and it makes me feel like I'm in control.