The Real You

The Real You

I wanted to touch on the latest beauty trend with you guys... fat transfer. I think it is absolutely ludicrous what lengths people will go to to add a few inches to their hips and butt. And yes, I am opposed to cosmetic surgery. That is not to assert that I explicitly think it is wrong but I would never advocate or encourage it. This is for no other reason than the fact, you can not encourage people to love themselves and change everything they don't love simultaneously. I do not intend to preach or offend anyone with this post, but if you do happen to feel insulted you can stop reading and I'll keep you in my prayers. For everyone else, please continue. Xx

I love Instagram, the meme's and vines, the constant updates on the most trivial and insignificant world events; makes my day. But, the fact that it serves as free promotion for such asinine behaviour makes me loose a little bit of my faith in humanity. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it is the truth. It is equally entertaining as frustrating. People putting scripture quotes under provocative selfies, irrelevant song lyrics under mirror pictures, contorting their bodies in all sorts of hazardous ways to allude the measurements of 34, 24, 44. Does no one take pride in their real genuine selves anymore? Do not get me wrong, we all want the best parts to be the only parts that others get to see, but how far will we go to conceal the things we don't like? Why do we so desperately want everyone to think we are perfect?

So many of us justify our vanity with rationalisations like "I do it to make myself feel good", "I don't care what anyone else thinks", "do whatever makes you happy". Not everyday "do whatever makes you happy", some days realise that the things that make us happy are really unessential. Having a good education should make us happy, health should make us happy, family and friends should make us happy, shelter, warmth, food, the ability to travel and read, listening to amazing music, dancing, laughing. Those are the things that really make us happy and we are deluding ourselves if we think that having a forged fat ass is going to guarantee any kind of peace of mind or contentment.

Personally, nothing is more attractive than intelligence and wit. I can appreciate a handsome man, but what he looks like won't engage me. I don't find it interesting or intriguing. God just happened to give you a bit more luck in the looks department, it has no bearing on how decent of a human being you are; it is irrelevant. So when a woman spends her life savings to go under the knife, for no other reasons than, to make herself more sexually appealing to a mass of strangers, perverts an desperadoes on the internet, and create a 'lucrative modelling career' she must consider the reflection this has on her character and integrity.

Lets discuss that word for a moment "integrity".

Definition of integrity in English:


1 The quality of being honest and having strong morals and principles

2 The state of being whole and undivided

         and my personal favourite

3 Internal consistency and lack of corruption

Internal consistency; not how consistent one is at posting selfies, or how consistently one receives attention from men, or how consistently one is complimented on their appearance. It is how consistent you are at being you, the real, natural, God given you. The you that you are when no one else is watching. The you that you remain in trying times, with temptations being so rife in this generation. The you that makes you proud.

“You can be amazing and beautiful, but you can not be amazing if all you are is beautiful.”
— Azryah Harvey


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