#AWeekOfMindfulness - Dominica

#AWeekOfMindfulness - Dominica

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”
— Mark Twain

So I'm spending a week in Dominica. Myself and my entire family have travelled for my grandfather's funeral and his death, naturally, has made me very contemplative about life, but being in such a beautiful and tranquil place has heightened the feeling ten fold. 

Today was my first day here and it has honestly felt so surreal! This is my first time in the caribbean since I was 6, so I feel like I'm in one of those music video where they shoot all of the people and scenery to a very pensive and melancholic song. Life here is so simple, so beautifully simple and I can only imagine how different their daily thought processes are to ours. 

I'm currently staying with my nan in Mahaut, all of the towns here run along the coastline and up into the hills, but very little of the actual country is residential as it is mostly mountains. I wake up and all I see is greenery. Just green everywhere!

So, I found a guided meditation for focus and productivity and I've been doing it in the mornings on the veranda. My level of focus has always been an issue in my life and it's staring to give me anxiety. Before I could get away with coasting, but I have too much going on now so I have to be far more intentional with how I use my time! It's all about cultivating new habits and I'm hoping I can start the process while I'm here. I've tried so many times, but since this is the first holiday that I've had since I made my huge career change and I'm hoping to get in touch with something that I haven't been able to before. In all honesty, my state of mind has made a huge shift in most aspects, but I am still dealing with believing in the process. I am still struggling to trust the struggle and believe in the journey and I think it's on a count of my need for instant gratification. I need results now! And wanting everything now makes me anxious about the future, which makes it hard for me to live in the present and very difficult to focus and get things done. It's a vicious cycle that I have to break! 

But being here makes me realise that I'm lucky to even have the perspective which allows for big ambitions. They sell single eggs for $0.79; some people here, apparently, can't even think past their most immediate meals and I have a 5 year plan! I come from a place where opportunity is rife and I can meet someone who can help change my life at any moment and it isn't like that here. Life is beautifully simple, but I'm sure many people don't comprehended how much is out there in the rest of the world. 

On the subject of ambition, I saw the site where my dad is building our house/apartments and I'm so excited and so proud! This is all off the back of years of money management and an accumulation of good decisions. I need to remember that this is what I'm working towards, having enough money and life experience to create great things and have them stand the test of time for the sake of my children. It reinforces why I need to delay gratification and enjoy the journey. 

“Without delayed gratification, there is no purposeful pursuit.”
— Sunday Adelaja

Whenever I tell anyone I'm Dominican (unless they're Dominican themselves) they think I'm referring to Dominica Republic, people just aren't even aware this country exists, so tourism is really low and you get a real genuine experience. Everything is authentic. The beaches are empty, everything is cheap and the island is basically untouched - they don't call it the Nature Isle for no reason! My favourite thing is the sulphur springs! They are so amazing! Imagine taking a relaxing bath and putting it on the beach or in the middle of the rain forest somewhere, that's a sulphur spring. 

This is just day one and I already feel like I should be having an awakening or some kind of epiphany. I need to relax, be present and enjoy each day as it comes! The whole point of mindfulness is living in the now and this week I'm going to try my very hardest to clear my mind and do just that, but it's so much harder than it sounds! Wish me luck! 

“Past and future are in the mind only - I am now.”
— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

My Affirmations 

I am going to live in the present. 
I am going to live everyday intentionally with purpose.
I am going to give myself time to be the best version of me.
#AWeekOfMindfulness - We are our biggest obstacles!

#AWeekOfMindfulness - We are our biggest obstacles!

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